NexKemia SiloEstablished in 2008, NexKemia Petrochemicals Inc. provides its customers with a unique variety of custom expandable polystyrene resins (EPS).

Our corporate strategy is to provide both polymer and technical support to the molders to enabling our Customers to pursue position and high value added applications.

With exceptional production and application engineering methods, NexKemia implements methods to integrate the development of EPS formulations through the development of technical expertise and collaborating with our customer’s base.

NexKemia’s primary goal is to become both a technical and service leader with proven ability to implement promptly custom product development projects.

Through our flexibility and customer oriented philosophy, NexKemia provides:

  • the ability to measure and enhance the performance of its products line
  • the capability to develop and customize new products for the specific needs of its customer’s base
  • affordable operational excellence processes
  • a technically & customer driven day to day approach