This is a new tool for you to chart your way through our wide variety and growing list of EPS products.  In it are listed our 24 Modified and General-Purpose EPS products.

For NexKemia’s Modified product line, this new chart maps your options for:

  • Low to high density objectives. Each with fast cycling offerings.  Start your explorations with a closer look at the M465D & M447E.
  • Lower pentane requirements. Look to the new M434E & M534E as possible game changers for your operations.
  • Geofoam projects. The MG44C is a state-of-the-art material.  The newly upgraded formulation can achieve 10% greater compressive strength.
  • EPS with Color applications. The M448P is a brand-new product designed specifically for accepting color with limited structural impact.

For NexKemia’s Regular (General Purpose) product line this new chart guides your options for:

  • Shape molding eps products including the new 41 grades. The R341E & R441E products are designed for superior strength, finish and water retention.
  • Low pentane, high molecular weight requirements. The R539C & R549C are second to none for tear and compressive strength and versatility.

For more details, check out NexKemia’s New Product Chart attached here  LinkedIn page or contact your NexKemia sales representative.