At the onset of the CoViD-19 pandemic, NexKemia has and continues to operate as an essential business supplying the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico. NexKemia always takes the well-being, safety and hygiene of its employees and its products seriously.

Prior to the declaration of a provincial and national emergency, NexKemia instituted and continues to maintain levels of precautions with respect to additional PPE and physical distancing for all its on-site staff. Additionally, NexKemia follows new production management steps and scheduling with staggered shifts, break times and the continuous monitoring of the health status of its employees and their families in adherence to and/or exceeding local and provincial health authority guidelines.

NexKemia remains open and at full capacity with available inventory across all its EPS product lines. As states Maurice Barakat, CEO NexKemia: “I am confident that our business unit teams are ready to operate in this new environment. We will continue to communicate openly as we learn how this environment impacts all of us. It is my personal commitment that our actions during this situation reflect our strengths as a workplace committed to our employee and customer satisfaction.”
As we all move forward in this new normal business climate, NexKemia will continue to provide the industry best eps product and support to our customers located throughout North America. To back up this commitment, over the days and weeks ahead, NexKemia will introduce all customers to its new products as well as to new technology that will provide enhanced and adaptive levels of materials, service, technical assistance and support.

Our 1st priority is to be there for our customers now and for when business improves. As the wheels get rolling again region by region, city by city there will be different levels of “open” for different areas of North America. Please rest assured that NexKemia remains vigilant and at the ready to go the extra mile to provide its customers with the eps and support they need and when they need it. Whether it is for your existing business mix or a new project, we will be there for our customers.
Looking forward to working with you soon. Stay healthy.

The Team at NexKemia Petrochemicals, Inc.