The MG44C has been developed and perfected within the Geofoam molding industry over the past 2 years
and is a great addition to the NexKemia Modified product line, designed specifically for large scale
construction, highway and building projects as shown here

Some points to consider:
For Geofoam projects, the MG44C is a state-of-the-art material.
Competitive Advantage: this upgraded MG44C Geofoam formulation can achieve, density-to-density,
10% greater compressive strength.
The MG44C delivers consistent expansion performance order-to-order, lot-to-lot. This leads to
consistent molding & cycle performance.
Meets the Geofoam standard (ASTM 6817) for compressive strength requirements at the minimal set
4% pentane content provides top performance for high density applications and complies with low
emissions requirements.
Delivered within 3 days from order date to most locations in North America.

For more details, check out NexKemia’s new Product Chart , our LinkedIn page or
contact your NexKemia sales representative. In the next Blog: Low Pentane products. Thank you.